Why a Powerbank vergleich is necessary?


Powerbanks, also called as power bank, an external battery, USB power bank or a USB battery , call it whatever you want, the purpose remains the same. Powerbanks are devices which have stored energy in them which can be used to transfer this stored energy to other devices using a terminal for charging purpose.  So with a power bank with you, you can charge your device like smartphone, laptop etc anytime anywhere. As long as your device supports the terminal, you can easily charge your smartphone.  It is also very important for a buyer to go for a powerbank vergleich, since there are innumerable powerbanks available with different specifications. You have to decide, which one suits you the best.

Which specifications to consider in a powerbank vergliech?

Generally the powerbanks, in the market come with different features, and specifications. Depending upon the usage, a user can decide which specification he should focus on to get the best power bank.

  • Capacity- capacity of the power bank is the most important criterion and which should be stressed upon in a powerbank vergleich. Capacity of a power bank, is the power which it can supply or transfer to a connected device. The capacity of power banks are measured in terms of mAh. For instance, the battery of a iphone 7 plus is of 2900 mAh, which means that it possesses the power of supplying 2900 mAh in one hour. But the capacity of a laptop powerbank needs to be higher since laptops have high mAh batteries like the Lenovo Yoga Book, have 8500 mAh batteries and they require powerbanks of minimum 16000 and 6000 mAh for proper charging atleast twice from the scratch.
  • Charging current- the next important specification is the charging current in power banks when it comes to making comparisons. Go for the power bank which has the charging current of at least 1 ampere. Charging current is measured in terms of Ampere (A) and this determines how fast will a power bank charge a device. In fact, most of the favorable power banks come with a 1 ampere charging current which is optimum for smartphones.
  • Interface- the interfaces of power banks actually decide on which devices, it can be used. Majority of smartphones and laptops require a USB port which is present in all the powerbanks available today. However, in cases of iphones and ipads, an adapter cable is needed since apple installs its own lighting connectors in its devices.
  • Brand- brand value of a product undoubtedly is one of the prime parameters when testing or analyzing products from different companies. For instance, you will have to shed more bucks in getting a powerbank made by Sony, than purchasing a power bank made by Mi. The reason being, Sony being an established brand sells its products at high costs as compared to MI which is a new Chinese brand in the market.

So these were some of the major considerations which one must observe while selecting or buying a powerbank. Capacity of the power bank is the major parameter followed by charging currents, interfaces and brand value of the product.