What To Look For In A Reconditioned Golf Cart

So you’ve decided to buy a used golf cart. Now you just need to know what you’re looking for (and what to avoid) when making your purchase from a Richmond golf cart company. The best customer is an informed one and if you are buying a reconditioned golf cart, you need to be well-equipped to recognize a quality product over a hunk of junk that’s only going to cause you headaches.

The first thing to know is you can never ask too many questions of the seller. The more analysis and assessment you conduct on the cart, the better off you’ll be knowing you made the right purchase. Otherwise you’ll pay to buy the thing and then keep paying to fix it and repair it and before long, you’ve sunk good money after bad into a total dud.

So here’s what you need to look for in a reconditioned golf cart. Take all of these things into account and don’t neglect any of them. They’re all important factors to remember:

Extent of Reconditioning

OK, so you’ve already decided to buy refurbished. But now you need to know how much work has been done and what exactly was performed. You can ask and the seller, if they’re reliable and scrupulous, will be up front about the extent of the refurb.

However, you still want to go over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb. Examine it closely to see if you can spot any damage or structural issues. You may not be able to identify these things on your own so it will be helpful to bring someone with you who is able to do it.

But even the layman can see when rust is on the vehicle, it’s a good thing to stay away. So if you find any of that, you may want to look elsewhere. Tires are also a big red flag. You don’t want a cart with bald tires.

How Old is the Cart?

This is the first thing you should ask ahead of pretty much anything else. The year of manufacture will play a big role on whether you should buy it or skip it. Older carts can be tougher to repair since the parts may no longer be readily available. These models may also prove tougher difficult for mechanics to repair properly since they may not be as well-versed on how to work with them.

Sticker Price

At the end of the day, you can do all of your research and assessment on the cart but it comes down to how much the seller wants for it. You should always enterĀ into a purchase of a golf cart with a fixed budget in mind and decide to buy or walk if it falls outside of that budget.

Yet another thing to consider is whether you’re getting good value for the price. If the cart is a little more expensive than you had hoped, you may still want to think about buying it if you are getting a good deal on the cart. If there is still value to be had and you’ll get years of good use from it, without the need for much work in repairs, then it may be worth the price.