Top 6 Gift Ideas for Him

Picking out gifts is no easy task. It requires a lot of thinking and searching until you find the perfect gift. If you have no experience with buying gifts for men, it can be especially hard to find a good gift for the men in your life whether it’s a family member, your boss or your significant other. So to save you some time and effort and make your life a little easier, we’ve made a list of great gift ideas for him that will surely impress.

  1. Watch

Watches are a simple piece of accessory that never goes out of fashion. More than just a timepiece, they embody craftsmanship and make great heirlooms.  An elegant timeless gift indeed! Whether he prefers digital or analog, black, gold or silver, big or small, there’s a watch out there that’s perfectly suits his style.

  1. Flower bouquets

Yes, flowers. For a man. Not all flower bouquets were meant for women! Some choices for men include succulent plants and flowers with green/blue shades for a more masculine look but if pink and purple flower bouquets are their thing, then by all means, go for it!  It will be our little secret.

  1. Agarwood

It’s a cultural and unique gift and men tend to like oriental scents; oud or agarwood is an elegant and classy gift that they will enjoy. You can even choose from among multiple scents to find the aroma that really resonates with the receiver.

  1. Gift Basket

You can get him a gift basket of his favorite things. Maybe a hamper full of delicious coffee and coffee treats and chocolates, or if he’s into the healthy lifestyle, you can get him a giftbasket of healthy cooking ingredients, healthy snacks and tea, or it could be a basket full of toiletries for men such as oriental scented soaps, cologne, shower gels etc. or it could be a giftbasket full of the finest Swiss and Belgian chocolates along with cookies and other treats. The possibilities are endless! Get creative and go crazy!

  1. Memorabilia

Signed memorabilia including sports memorabilia such as jersey’s, footballs etc., caps, photos and shoes are all great gifts that’s guaranteed to make any man extremely happy!

  1. Personalized/customized gifts

Trust us when we tell you that anything personalized will definitely impress him. There’s nothing better than receiving a gift that is made just for you. The possibilities are also endless here; you could get him a hand-drawn photo of himself, a keychain/necklace/bracelet/pen/mug with his name on it, a pillow with his favorite pictures printed on, a photo collage of his favorite memories or a t-shirt with his favorite character or saying printed on it. These are just a few ideas but there are so many more things that you can get him based on his hobbies and interests!

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