Saving Money: Online Shopping Vs Offline Shopping

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Comparison between online shopping and offline shopping will never end. Everybody is trying to figure out whether online shopping or offline shopping (good old bricks and mortar stores) makes the shopping experience better and enthusiastic. Both online shopping and offline shopping offer certain benefits to consumers, let’s check them out.

Online Shopping Benefits 

Life has become very busy and shopping is a time consuming process. Convenience is one of the things people care most about when it comes to shopping. Usually, people don’t like going from shop to shop to get what they want because it is very tiring and frustrating. On the other hand, if you shop online, every store is just a click away from you. Yes, this “click-click” thing is less time consuming. In fact, there are online stores which offer you everything you are looking for. For example, you can buy a whole Christmas list of different products from the same store.

One more thing that people appreciate while shopping is a wide collection. It is obvious that the wider the collection is, it is more difficult to select. However, wider collection also increases the chances of finding high quality and great stuff for yourself. Here, online shopping gives you various opportunities to buy the product that actually pleases you. Online stores have wider collection than offline stores and you don’t have to go from shop to shop to get the best stuff.

Saving Money
This is also a very important aspect to consider because shopping usually means “crossing your budget.” Talking about online shopping, one of the reasons why people enjoy buying stuff online is because you can often find a product at lower price. However, it is also important to note that you have to pay for shipping charges as well which can be very costly at times.

Offline Shopping Benefits

Experience the Product
The best part about shopping offline is you can actually experience the product regardless you are buying a top or a pendant. You may stalk online stores for discounts and offers but mostly people end up going to an offline store.
When you shop from a traditional store, you can check how well the dress fits you and whether the dress material is comfortable or not. Online shopping never gives you such opportunity.

No Need to Wait
When you buy something from traditional shopping, you carry the items with yourself as you get out of the shop and feel happy about it. Unlike online shopping, you don’t have to wait for days to get your ordered item.
As you reach home, you can show your family or friends what you have bought. What a joyful feeling that is!

Immediate Purchase Needs
Have to go to a party tonight but forgot to buy an outfit for it? Or did not find enough time? You can still check out nearby stores and find the perfect dress for the occasion. You definitely can’t count on online shopping in such urgent situations.

In online shopping, you may shop at great discounts but you don’t get a chance to have the item in your hand immediately or know whether the item is good or not. On the other hand, you can find great discounts at outlets of different brands.

This is the worst aspect about online shopping. It is a long and stressful procedure. First, the e-com needs to agree that you can return, secondly you should be home when they arrive to pick the dress. Lastly, it takes a week to reach the item to their office and one more week to get back the money in your account. Sounds frustrating, right?


Despite of the negative aspects of online shopping, there are people who still prefer buying from an online store. However, it does not mean that traditional stores are empty now. The second kind of people are those who still go to offline stores and buy their stuff. As said earlier, it is a never ending debate and comparison. Maybe there will always be people who go for offline shopping and people who prefer online shopping.

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