Perfect Lighting is Everything


When we think about hospitality industry, the first thing that comes to our mind is great service and a wonderful experience. Hotels are the next thing that strikes our mind when we talk about hospitality. When in a hotel, you would have noticed that everything has a set place there after all it’s about absolute comfort of the guests. There is lot of detailing that is paid by at every aspect in a hotel. Be it safety, security, food, hygiene and even proper lighting.

Importance of lighting in hotel

In fact lighting is a very vital aspect for any hotel. It not only ensures a happy mood of the guests but is also important for their safety. There is a variety of lightings in different parts of hotels. Like lobbies are usually well lit which gives a grand look to any hotel. Whereas rooms have will have soothing lights to give a cozy feeling to guests. Moreover there is provision of lights in every area of the room. Bathrooms should be well lit with covered lights which are vapor free. The other areas of a hotel like staircase should be well lit to avoid any kind of accidents on the other hand bars and restaurants should have dim lights along with well lit focusing points. There are other professional rooms in hotel like conference rooms, which care used for official meetings, part halls where there can be personal to professional parties; and these areas should be well illuminated with some extravagant lighting systems to showcase the grandiosity of  hotel.

There are some soft and relaxing corners also in a hotel like wellness center or fitness areas; lights in such areas should give warm and energized feelings.

Apart from giving a welcoming feeling to the guests, lighting should be of not only good quality but also should keep the cost in check, maintenance should no doubt be easy and doable at low cost.

A Perfect Blend

Hotel lighting system cannot be one size fits all option. Every corner demands a customized lighting option. Every minute detailing has to be done to get the best lighting effect, somewhere it has to be brightly lit and at the other it has to be sophisticatedly elegant. There has to be a proper blend of functional lighting. There can be a combination of variety of lights like LED tube lights, ultra modern chandeliers and pendant lighting , ceiling lights and wall lights, false ceiling light series,  mirror lights and table lamps, Parking garage lightings et al.

Other important detail that one has to keep in mind is a perfect blend of natural and artificial lights. Natural light costs nothing and is available in abundance for around ten to twelve hours a day. Though one might argue that natural light is not available for an entire day, does not illuminate the room evenly and also causes the room to heat up, in-spite of this whatever benefit you can get from natural light, it should be taken. Full advantage of this should be availed to bring life to a hotel and also to cut cost on electricity bills.