Buying different types of body chains


Body chains are in fashion now and can be worn along with any outfit. They are not just for summers, you can even wear it in other seasons of the year because you can not only wear them under your clothes, and you can even wear them on top of your outfit. They just accentuate your look. With just a simple addition of a body chain from the bodychainstore, you can change your entire look. That means you should one for each occasion.

Why should you have different types of body chains?

Body chain is not just for bikini, people have even started to use it as a regular accessory in any occasion and anywhere. And when I say anywhere, you can even wear them to work, party or evening party, chilling out with friends or anything else. There are ways of using the only one body chain you have on different outfits, but most of them go good in a single type of outfit only. For example, if you have a delicate single body chain, you can wear it on a bikini, swim suit or crop top or a sheer top. Most of these outfits sound like you are useful only in summers. Then what if you want something for the party or something for winters or something to go with your off shoulder dress or your jumpsuit? Don’t worry! There are plenty of choices when it comes to the available body chain designs.

How to choose your design?

  1. Delicate body chain: Best for the starters. It gives a delicate look and can be worn under camisole or a bikini or crop top or swim suit. You can even wear it on a sheer top. It’s a simple way to be trendy and stylish. Good for college or an evening with your friends.
  2. Shoulder body chains: Best for party outfits and best suited on broad shoulders, they just grab all the attention on your shoulders making them look sexy. You can choose between simple or tasseled body chains. Tese can be simple or have tassels that move as you move making you look more sexy.
  3. Bling body chains: Bling body chains give you a sexier look. Turn your regular outfit to a party outfit with just a body chain that has a bling. Bling body chains from shoulder body chain necklace can worn be around your waist also to flaunt that toned torso.
  4. Back body chains: These also give a bold look. Best suited with your back less dress or top or even with an open back jumpsuit, they just do all the talk and grab all the attention to your sexy back.
  5. Harness body chains: A harness body chain gives a bold look. When you are going to a late night party or any official party, just add a harness body chain to your outfit for that glam and elegant look. It can also be used as a back body chain on backless outfits.
  6. Looking to flaunt your toned buttocks? Choose body chains that are tasseled and can be worn like a skirt which move as you move making you look hot!
  7. Your thighs can also do the magic. Opt for a body chain for your thighs to grab attention on those long sexy legs.
  8. For official wear, you can always try the cross body simple chains in silver or black metals to be sober and yet look classy and let your accessories do the talk!

Always coordinate the colour of your body chain with that of your other accessories. Never overdo and do not wear something that you can’t manage.