5 Direct Steps to Automate, Modernize and Grow Your Business

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All entrepreneurs desire to construct a lucrative business. But instead of working on their businesses, most of them end up working within their businesses with a go-all-out, hands-on approach. When it comes to development and magnitude, this hands-on attitude won’t work. What entrepreneurs require is a way to influence, and a way to measure. They are always looking for a maintainable way to go smart.

Automation is the solution to every entrepreneur’s fantasy. Businesses face harsh competition and a roller coaster ride on the path to accomplishment. By employing automatic solutions such as free ACH payment processing, processes like payments and finance can now pass through automatically without the involvement of business owners at every juncture.

Utilize Website Hosting and Management

A website isn’t what it was in the early 2000’s. In this day and age, websites do a lot more than show up a brochure. To stay competitive in this age, you need a website that works like a marketing machine, it ought to handle all the traffic that comes in, sweat it out to result in maximum conversions, and stay there when the weight of the would come pounding on server bandwidth. When that occurs (or whatever else with your website, for that matter), you don’t want to be expending time on it.

Well-operated websites for developing businesses don’t go without maintenance, upkeep, and consideration. That’s when you should trust managed hosting to grind for your business. Managed hosting gives you more security, speed, automatic updates, expert technical support, daily backups, and absolutely no downtime nor drama.

Employ Social Media Automation

While you can’t automate real-time replies, pure engagement, and genuine conversations with your customers on social media, there’re many other aspects that you can. Schedule all your updates using reminder software. Use many of the tools built for engagement that automatically identify, recognize and shout out to your followers to engage with the latest updates in your account. You maytrack, unfollow, and acknowledge others who follow you, all automatically.

Systemize your Payments

Provided you have the funds the “set it and forget it” feature of ACH payment processing saves a lot of time. Utilizing ACH, you can systematize employees’ salaries, making it possible to directly deposit their salaries immediately into their account without having to always write up the business transactions and allocate a check.

Thanks to the automated process of ACH, this may be completed every month, without requiring to “reset” or activate anything, and it leaves a straightforward, simple to document trail of records for your own financial documents.

The transaction costs for ACH payment processing are much lower than that of credit cards. The reason that ACH can be more economical is that the “batch processing” process that many ACH systems use, where all financial transactions are saved into the database at the end of a business day.

This is a drastic difference from how credit card or electronic debit transactions function, where a fee is charged every time the card is used, which adds up when a lot of transactions occur. By undertaking all the tasks for the day at the end of the day, a lot of haste and efficiency is achieved, which results in a lower fee.

Customer Support

Customer service, when everything else is equal, could be a great differentiating factor from your competition.

You must figure out a way to automate your customer support to a large extent. For instance, creating communities to foster user-generated content, building FAQ and a knowledge base could be your fist steps.


Thanks to some awesome tools available for businesses of all sizes, automation isn’t just for corporations and giant companies. It’s not about what tools should you be using for automating parts of specific functions of your business. It’s more about understanding the necessity for change and doing what you can to make it happen. Get start by contacting a trusted ACH processor for more information about ACH payment processing.

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