Why Do You Need Custom Luggage Tags?

Why Do You Need Custom Luggage Tags?

Frequent air travellers are used to flight delays, jetlags, and above all, luggage tags, also known as ‘bag tags’.

Most frequent flyers think luggage tags provided by the airlines they travel by, are just sufficient. Those ribbon-type paper stickers that are looped around the handle of your trolley, valise or handbag are the “airline luggage tags“.

These carry your name, destination, airline, flight number, and a bar code. However, one huge downside is that they can be easily torn off or ripped off as they are flimsy paper tags.

Why Are Custom Luggage Tags A Must?

What air-travellers really need are their own personalized luggage tags. Here’s why.

  1. Never Depend on Free Luggage Tags

The luggage tags given by the airlines are free but flimsy. These sticker tags get torn off easily when the bags are tossed about in baggage belts or shifted across flights.

Secondly, there can be a huge mix-up due to free tags. Yes, in the early days. the fight number, destination etc were mentioned on the luggage tags. Now they are substituted by bar codes.

An estimated 15% of the bar codes on airline luggage tags are misread. Some of them also face difficulty in getting scanned. The unscanned bags are sorted manually, leaving high chances for human error.

This event of bar codes being misread poses a high risk of losing your luggage. Avoid this by using your own personalized luggage tags. Now, there can be no mix-up of destinations or any chance of losing your luggage.

Never depend on free tags and always buy your own robust luggage tags from professional sites or vendors.

  1. For Easy Identification of Your Luggage

Airline passengers are used to standing at the baggage collection belts for hours watching luggage do a fancy merry-go-round around the conveyor belt. They keep looking earnestly at the trolleys and bags trying to figure out which is theirs. Trolleys and duffel bags all look alike and branded ones come only in certain standard colours. So that blue trolley coming up now could be anybody’s, not necessarily yours.

Save yourself time and some embarrassment by marking your luggage with your own personalized luggage tags. Select tags that are distinctive, unique and easily identifiable, even from a distance. Let the luggage tags have your initials or name printed boldly on one side.

These customized luggage tags are a must to identify your luggage even form a distance and save you a lot of waiting time. For passengers catching flights with brief intervals in -between, these luggage tags are a definite boon.

  1. Never Miss Your Luggage

Flight travellers have dozens of woes and the worst among them are missing their luggage. This happens once in a while but if you are the victim, may God help you.  It is difficult to trace the luggage unless there is some unique identification and that would be your own personal luggage tag.

Luggage tags are made of sturdy material when fastened on luggage. They never break off and can be used to easily trace your luggage. Always purchase luggage tags of premium quality with sturdy fasteners to secure them with your luggage.

Passengers hopping between flights must definitely have luggage tags to avoid mix-ups and misses.

  1. Secure Your Carry-On Luggage

Your hand baggage or cabin luggage is your “carry-on” luggage. It is best to secure these with your personal luggage tags. This is because your black cabin bag may sit innocently in the overhead, next to a similar-looking one and might be mistakenly taken by an innocent passenger. such mix-ups are best avoided by using your own luggage tags.

  1. Need Luggage Tags Even at Hotels

Travellers sometimes check-in or check-out a bit early from hotel rooms and leave their luggage in the hotel lounge or foyer. Here they are kept at a storage closet till they are picked up.

Fastening luggage tags your luggage makes it easy to trace the bags from the closet and save the hotel staff some trouble.

Your luggage is precious. Preserve it carefully till you reach your final destination safely by using your own personalized luggage tags.