The Various Types of Recliners Available

When it comes to finding a perfect recliner for your resting and relaxing needs, the decision can be harder than you initially thought. As soon as you browse online or walk through the door of your local furniture store you’ll notice there is an endless selection of various types of recliners. Today, we’re going to identify the various types so that you can better narrow down your potential choices for a new recliner.


This is the most common type of recliner for purchase and typically the cheapest due to the high volume available. Just as the name suggests, this chair comes with two different resting positions. These are sitting upright and being fully reclined. This chair comes with a lever on the side that allows the back of the chair to drop to the fully reclined height while at the same time letting up the footrest to a comfortable height. If you like to consistently lay back and nap in your recliner, then a two-position recliner is your best choice. It’s important to realize that these types of chair do take up a lot of space when they are in a fully reclined state.


A push-back recliner, such as the Roth Newton lazy lounger chair, is somewhat similar to the two-position recliner as the back does go into a reclined state. However, with a push-back, there is no footrest that comes up when the chair is reclined. In addition, there is no lever that reclines the push-back chair. With this chair, you simply push your weight into the back portion of the chair and it reclines down from an upright angle. This chair tends to take up less space than the two-position, which makes it ideal for smaller rooms.


The rocker recliner is a unique type of recliner that is preferred by those who enjoy rhythmic movement while sitting. This chair has arched tracks that allow it to rock back and forth which makes it simply a rocking chair with more padding. The rocker recliners come with multiple reclining positions, which is why they tend to cost more than the traditional two-position recliner. This type of chair allows the footrest to come up without the back of the chair having to go into a reclined state. Also, the back can be put down at multiple angles so that you can find the most comfortable for your sitting habits.


Sometimes called motorized recliners, this chair comes with a built-in motor that lifts the user upward into just shy of a standing position. These chairs are typically recommended for the elderly population and for those who are unable to efficiently move from an upright to a seated position on their own. Due to the versatility of this chair, it needs to be placed in a room with a lot of space around it. A riser functions just like a two-position chair where the footrest and the back of the chair both recline.

Identifying the type of recliner that has the functions in which you utilize most often is the key to finding the right fit for your needs. By better understanding the different types of recliners you should have a better idea of what type is right for you. We encourage you to take both your needs and the size of your room into consideration when making your final decision on what recliner to purchase.