Crystal Decanters: Bar Accessories for the Distinguished Bartender

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s opening a brand-new bar in your local neighborhood or you’re a homeowner who’s decided to renovate your home by adding a new wet bar, one style choice that is vital to the personality and presentation of your bar is your collection of crystal decanters. Much like jewelry can act as accessories and symbols of influence while adorned by their patrons, so, too, can the types of crystal decanters speak volumes of the status and refinement of a drinking establishment. For a large selection of elegant and unique crystal decanters that make a decorative statement, look no further than Barware & More crystal decanters.

Handmade Crystal Wine Decanters

Elegant, tasteful, and whimsical, these handmade crystal wine decanters are the perfect bar accessory when hosting a more distinguished and artistic crowd. Handmade from crystal glass, this wine decanter comes in 350 ml, 650 ml, and 800 ml sizes. A crystal decanter is an ideal showcase for your most treasured bottle of wine. It will allow your guests to view the rich color and take in the robust aroma of the wine as well as allow the wine to breathe. Placing wine in a decanter enriches the flavor of the wine as the ingredients are given ample oxygen with which to blossom and mature.

High Quality Whiskey Decanter

Stately and elegant, this whiskey decanter is the pinnacle of class. Made from pure, lead-free crystal glass and adorned with intricate geometric designs, this decanter is available in 125 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml, and 1,000 ml sizes. Any whiskey or liquor placed within this decanter will have its deep, rich colors magnified and presented in a way befitting a royal dignitary. The decanter plug is equipped with an airtight seal to prevent contaminants from entering your liquor and polluting its flavor and integrity.

Deluxe 550ml Crystal Glass Decanter

This delicate and demure deluxe crystal glass decanter can hold up to 550 ml of wine, whiskey, brandy, or whichever liquor satisfies your taste buds. Made from pure lead-free crystal glass, this deluxe decanter is slender in width but wide in length. There are whistful carvings etching upwards from the base with intricate flower designs sprinkled amongst the etchings. This decanter would make a delightful conversation piece and would certainly catch the eyes of a beautiful woman who can appreciate fine craftsmanship.

Creative Crystal Skull Head Decanters

Morbid yet intriguing, these crystal skull head decanters will work magic as a conversational addition to any bar. Made from lead-free crystal glass, these skull head decanters can be purchased in 125 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml, or 1,000 ml sizes. The attention to details is astounding with regards to the teeth, the nose, and the eye sockets. Complete with an ornate air-tight corking plug, a skull head decanter will certainly be the most macabrely interesting feature of your bar.

Once your bar is closed for the evening, be sure to wash your glasses thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Invest in a soft cloth that will keep your crystal glass decanters polished and sparkling for your next soirée. Fine crystal glass is like anything else of value in life – worth making the extra effort if you plan on hanging onto it for the long term.