How to Find Great Deals on Bridesmaid Dresses

How to Find Great Deals on Bridesmaid Dresses

Getting asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honor but a bridesmaid dress, which will most likely only be worn once, can be expensive if you don’t know how to find great deals. There are several ways to save on cheap bridesmaid dresses, and this article will give you tips on how to shop smart and get bridesmaid dresses under $100.

Sometimes the bride’s family shoulders the cost of the dresses, but in most cases the bridesmaid pays for her own dress. If the bride pays for the dresses, she can save money by getting a seamstress to make the dresses for the whole entourage. She can also opt to get the dresses from the same store where she gets her wedding dress, because bridal shops usually offer discounts for wholesale purchases.

In case the bridesmaids have to pay for their own dresses, the bride either gives the style and color of the dress or lets the bridesmaids choose their own dresses, as long as they match the theme of the wedding. The bride can also opt for an updated twist to the traditional look, where she lets the bridesmaids choose dresses in varying shades of the same color. Today bridesmaids don’t have to wear exactly the same dresses, giving them greater freedom in choosing cuts and colors that suit them best.

Finding a bridesmaid dress can be fun and easy, thanks to the number of options available. There are a lot of offered choices on the Internet, and most bridal stores online offer stylish yet affordable dresses in various styles and colors. Some of these online stores also give discounts on wholesale purchases, so it would be a great idea for bridesmaids to talk among themselves and buy from the same online store. This option is especially helpful if the bridesmaids don’t live near each other and can’t go to the same store.

Similarly, the bridesmaids can get their dresses from the same boutique at reduced prices. This would be great for the bridesmaids to get a feel of the dress and see if the color and the fabric work well for them. Buying from the same store is also helpful in case the bride wants the bridesmaids to wear the same color, since the cloths would be from the same dye lot and would match perfectly.

Wedding invitations are usually sent out months before the wedding, giving bridesmaids enough time to search for bridesmaid dress sales, which specialty bridal stores usually hold at least once a year.

It’s important to keep in mind that an inexpensive dress doesn’t have to look cheap, as long as it fits your body type, matches the color motif, and is appropriate for the occasion. In choosing a bridesmaid dress, you have to make sure that it complements the bride’s gown and doesn’t outshine it. Keeping these tips in mind, you’re guaranteed to have a fun and exciting time searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress without having to break the bank.