Things you should know about eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are the items that we use when our eyes are not able to focus properly and make everything blur. In this case, either your lens has become thick or thin depending upon the circumstance. In order to correct this, you have to use glasses or lens. However, if you need permanent solution, you can get a surgery done too. This way you don’t have to wear glasses all the time.

Pros and cons of wearing eyeglasses and lens:

If we talk about the pros and cons of eye glasses and lens, one’s advantage would be the other’s disadvantage. It also depends upon the people to that what kind of items they would want to buy. Some elite families prefer to buy a lens because there can easily afford them and they don’t want to look like a scientist. There are different kinds of parties that they want to attend and they can’t wear glasses all the time. While on the other hand, there are poor people who don’t even have money to buy their daily food. So they survive with the oldest broken pair of glasses they had in the beginning.

One of the advantages of wearing glasses is that it saves you from a lot of eye trouble. There are many infections that can happen in your eye by wearing lenses. These all could be avoided easily just by wearing the glasses.

There are many disadvantages of glasses too. The biggest one is that after wearing glasses for so long, the nose pads leave a print on the either side of the nose which looks very hideous. Plus, it also covers up your personality and makes you look older than before. Sometimes in accidents, the lens of the glasses gets broken and there is a huge chance of it entering your eye. This could be one’s worst nightmare. These kinds of troubles are not common with the lens users. Glasses also make your personality dull. By wearing lenses, you can have that back in no time. So at least try it once in your life. The lenses also avoid getting fog trapped like in your glasses. This will help you enjoy each and everything now. You can now enjoy the rain without getting stressed about your glasses. So enjoy your tea now.

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