Free Documentary Movies Online

Documentary Movie is something different genre with respect to all other genres. It is based up on real incident occurred in the past and represent to the audience in consideration that incident back to learn and aware against it. It could be related to a life of person, country or culture and are made worldwide by professionals along with certain cinema institutes and colleges that offer specific studies on it. In other words, it is a non-fictional motion picture which purpose is to provide you a recorded proof of a certain historical event in form of education or instructions to the society. It could be short or as well as long and have their own fans, contests and awards. Free documentary movies online are available for free in HD and you can even download it in your free time in case your internet speed is bit low so that you can enjoy it buffer free with your family and friends.

The two texts published by the Bolesław Matuszewski in 1898 in French gave the idea to the documentary film industry. He was polish filmmaker and writer at that time who captured some surgical procedures on camera. He was  one of the great earliest people who suggested about visual content should be saved and archived for historical purposes so that it can provide us benefits of education and recording. The first movie named as Nanook of the North in 1922 was a silent american motion picture directed by Robert J. Flaherty. Today, hundreds of documentary pictures are available online and it is true, it is mainly not come on TV or released on cinema hall but, still audiences like to watch it online via video platforms. It is also true that such films don’t have craze to produce in several countries but, wherever they created and released online are having huge audience today.

Later “Triumph of the Will” produced to represent the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. The other American film “The Plow that Broke the Plains” which represents the Great Plains of the US which effecting the uncontrolled agricultural farming. That picture was first represented by the government which wanted to show awareness to the audience against the misuse of land. Due to the social and political changes which completely changed the world after World War II and on it, lot of documentaries made on point of view of different war effects which change it in the new world. Today, it is also addressing different social and environmental issues and the introduction of documentaries to TV, it became more diverse with special channels that are specialized in showing documentaries all the time like Aljazeera, Russia Today, BBC World, CNN, National Geographic, Animal Planet and etc. All are also available if you want to find online resource for it.