Common Men’s Canvas Shoes that Can Be Fixed by a Cobbler

Taking care of men’s canvas shoes is imperative especially if you want them to last long. There are a number of things that you can do yourself, for example, shinning the shoes regularly. But if you’ve noticed the shoes are developing problems, then first thing that you should do is look for a cobbler. The cobbler will re-line, re-sole and clean the shoes. A professional cobbler will give the shoes a new appearance.

You may buy great canvas shoes but they may not be fitting appropriately. The cobbler will offer some help. Finding a professional cobber is very straightforward. You can seek references from your friends or family members. Also, you can search online. Cobblers can also be found at the store shoe departments.

Fixing Men’s Canvas Shoes – How a Cobbler Can Help

A cobbler can fix men’s canvas shoes having pinched toes. He or she can also fix shoes having tight heels. If the shoes are too tight, the cobbler will use a stretching machine to stretch them. If you have feet of different sizes, the cobbler can stretch the tight fitting shoes to accommodate your foot appropriately. But if your shoes are too big, there are a number of DIY alternatives that can save you the money. For example, you can wear the shoes with thick socks or place the shoes inside the freezer.

A cobbler can also fix slipper soles. So, if you keep on sliding down while wearing the shoes, then you should definitely take them to a cobbler. He or she will add rubber soles that will improve gripping and comfort. The cobbler can also fix ugly heels, broken heels and wobbly heels. For instance, he or she can replace the wide heels with stilettos or broaden stilettos into traditional heels.

It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes to prevent feet injuries or problems. The shoes should generously padded insoles and arch support. The cobbler can help in fixing stiff in-soles. And if your shoes are smelly, he or she will clean as well as recondition them. He or she can also work on the outsides of the shoes and make them waterproof. This can be very helpful especially if you are living in areas experiencing rains or during winter seasons. The cobbler can also fix shoes that are too narrow or wide. For instance, he or she can tighten or stretch shaft or skinny calves on the shoes. The cobbler will also lengthen or tighten straps to fit properly.


It is important to take care of the men’s canvas shoes. Instead of buying new shoes regularly, taking care of your already existing shoes will save you money. A professional cobbler will give your shoes a new look at affordable budget. If you notice that the shoes have certain problems, you should hesitate to take them to the cobbler. He or she will fix them and you can still wear them to attend any occasion.

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