Instructions to Make Tote Bag at Home

\Tote bags are spacious fashion handbags that can fit lot of things in it. These hand held bags come in different sizes and can be conveniently carried as the handles are broad and strong. Recently, a black tote bag of XL size has been launched that can be used to carry large number of items. It is expected that this jumbo size can hold all the personal items that you need to carry in your car.

You can get different types of such bags and canvas tote bags are the most common one. These are durable and can be created at home also.

Instruction to make canvas tote bags

Select a canvas of your preferred color and mark two rectangles in it. Make sure that the measurement of each rectangle is 1 foot 7 inches by 1 foot 8 inches. Now, cut out these two triangles and keep the rest of the canvas for making straps.

Put one of the two rectangles on a flat surface. Remember that the short sides of the rectangle will come on the bottom and top of your tote. Fold the edge of the rectangle, which will appear on the top by one inch. Use pins to secure the fold. Now, stitch this fold by using a sewing machine. Follow the same procedure on the second rectangular piece of canvas.

Pin up both the pieces of canvas you have stitched. Now, sew three sides of these attached pieces.
Turn the stitched bag inside out and keep it aside. Now you need to make the straps.
Cut two pieces, each measuring 1 ft 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, form the rest of the canvas you have kept aside.
Take one piece and sew the long edges together. Now, turn it inside out and use an iron to press it smooth. Attach the short edges of the strap at the opening of your bag, which you have made earlier. Do the same with the other one and thus your tote bag is complete. If you want some designs, you can stick stones or do embroidery on the bag.